Engaging With Our Community

November 15, 2023 | 
Engaging With Our Community

In the heart of Washington, DC, at 77H, we’re diving headfirst into our vibrant community. The 77H community is dedicated to forming connections with local initiatives in order to celebrate the spirit of unity, gratitude, and togetherness this November.

The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), located on the iconic National Mall, is a repository of profound significance. It houses a collection of Native artifacts from across the Western Hemisphere, representing a mosaic of cultures. We’re moved by its mission to amplify Native voices and serve as a bridge to these diverse, living traditions.

As Thanksgiving approaches, a chorus of voices seeks to uplift the community. Organizations throughout DC are seeking volunteers and donations, and 77H is heeding the call. We invite you to join us in this collective effort to make a meaningful impact during the Thanksgiving season. Use this comprehensive guide to find the ideal opportunity to give back.

This isn’t just about donating; it’s an invitation to connect, to stand hand in hand with our neighbors, and to embody the true essence of community. Join us at 77H as we embark on this journey of compassion and cultural exploration, right here in the heart of Washington, DC.