Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 20, 2022 | Uncategorized
Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

While we should be kind to our planet every single day of the year, Earth Day is a special reminder to really pay attention to taking care of our planet. 

Earth Day is recognized as the largest secular holiday in the world. For anyone looking for ways to be an active participant in Earth Day this year, here are some ways to do so. 

For starters, you can sign up on the website to get involved and/or become a member. 

From there, the website has a collection of ways you can help. With everything from the most popular ways to take action, to taking action at the civic, community, and individual level. 

One of the most popular ways to take action is to sign up to end plastic pollution. 

For civic action, there are options to Advocate for Climate Action at Universities, Pledge Support to Climate and Environmental Literacy, and Make an Earth Day window sign

There are even ways to get involved on smaller scales. For example, becoming a citizen scientist in your community or learning to make some plant-based meals.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Earth Day 2022, the Earth will thank you.